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Marble Stairs

Marble stairs elevate the design of the house to high levels. They create a luxurious look and complement the design look in the house and the high levels of finish. Many designers and architects use marble stairs due to the many benefits of the material and the various design results that can be obtained from its use. Assures you the most efficient and beautiful result, for stairs made of high-quality marble. The  Marble stone wears slowly and its absorption level is low and is highly recommended for stairs. What is important is to choose a  Marble stone suitable for stairs. The  Marble stone for the stairs improves over the years and it gives warmth and comfort for stepping and touching.

Marble stone itself is a natural material with a luxurious look. The designed marble stairs give a rustic and luxurious garnet to the house. There are those who prefer to choose a color shade similar to the flooring and there are those who want to break the flooring shade. In any case, the created space that includes the flooring and stairs creates a luxurious feeling in the house. Even in the entrance area of the house, stairs made of Marble give a feeling of luxury and nobility already at the entrance to the house.

The stairs, originally built of stone, are still visible in the ruins of the oldest buildings that have survived to this day. Their construction took into account the same factors we consider to date: use and location.

In addition, you can decide to give the stairs a “central role” or a secondary role.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to Marble. There are different colors and textures. At Mega Marble, you will find almost endless different textures and you will be able to make a maximum adjustment to the flooring of the house you have chosen. In addition, marble flooring and stairs can also be made. This combination is a stunning and leading combination.


Marble stairs – the benefits

Marble stairs are widely used in both private homes and public places. Marble is a unique material in terms of its properties and appearance. The surface of natural stone has a unique pattern. And a very rich look, Marble designs have a number of positive properties Marble is a material that is not harmful to health, because it is completely environmentally friendly.


Marble stairs have many advantages, most of which simply cannot be compared to those of wooden stairs, for example. Wooden stairs, insofar as they can be decorative and suitable for certain design environments, are ultimately stairs that experience very accelerated wear over the years and require continuous maintenance to allow their appearance and aesthetics to be preserved and certainly to allow their safe use. Wooden stairs can suffer from erosion due to continuous exposure to sunlight and water, they can suffer from rot and erosion due to the penetration of insects and ants into the depths of the wood. Overall, when you look at wooden stairs versus marble stairs the price of wooden stairs will surely be lower than that of marble stairs, but in the long run, the wood will require you much more expenses for maintenance and sometimes also for replacing the stairs completely.


Marble stairs, on the other hand, are durable and strong stairs, withstanding any typical weight load for the home and any blow or possible injury by the household members. The stairs are very easy to wash, they are resistant to the sun, water, and any conditions and once you have installed them, they can accompany you for decades without losing their grace. However, if at some point after a few years you want to renew the look of the stairs, because they have worn or been damaged, you can renew them by polishing the  Marble stone.


Types of marble for interior stairs

One of our dilemmas about stairs is choosing a type of marble for stairs. Every  Marble stone or a natural stone has its natural properties that bring advantages alongside disadvantages.

The most popular types of Marble for choosing interior stairs in the United States are the Crema Marfil Marble, Botticino Marble, Jerusalem stone, and the Onyx Stone, the most expensive of which is the Calacatta Gold Marble and the Statuary Marble, but the most sought after is the White Carrara Marble.

White Marble is a versatile material that blends equally well in both classic and ultra-modern interior variations. Where and what stylistic solution would be appropriate? The classical style requires maintaining the symmetry and harmony of the shapes of each element. It is characterized by simplicity and sophistication.



At Mega Marble we have taken the practical side into account: if the staircase is in a public place, we offer non-slip stairs; If it is in private homes, the owner may have different requirements for a more sophisticated design. By discussing these points in detail with customers we achieve amazing results.

We can turn your property in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut completely and give it a unique look and turn into something spectacular you can be proud of.


Beautiful Marble Stairs Design Video



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