Natural Stone For Kitchen Countertop Materials

Natural Stone For Kitchen Countertop Materials

By Matthew Petacci

People love to put tons of effort into the appearance of their homes. Now, arguably one of the most important aspects of any home is the kitchen. It is the room that can provide you with precious family time, allow you to socialize with friends, or relax on your own while cooking. It’s the epitome of versatile. So, this is why people take their time to deeply consider how they design their kitchen.

But, it can often be very hard to determine which material to use for the countertops, and subsequently, people tend to go for what looks the best. Don’t get us wrong, the appearance is crucial, but there are many more factors involved with choosing a suitable countertop material. These days, there is a multitude of different surfaces available, but we’re going to give you some information on the four of the most popular…

Marble Slabs | Marble Countertops


Marble has a strong case for being one of the most elegant, sophisticated, and stunning natural stones. The amazing designs often feature vein-like lines running throughout the stone and therefore will give your kitchen a high-end look. Now, when people go for marble as a countertop, it’s generally for its appearance and not its practicality.

You see, marble is incredibly vulnerable to stains from everyday foods and liquids, as well as many other things such as scratches and abrasions. It’s a relatively soft stone, in comparison to others, and will need quite a bit of maintenance. Although, it is heat resistant.



If you’re choosing granite, then you know you’re getting a sturdy, robust and durable countertop material. For those of you that spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen, and constantly put the countertops under wear and tear, this material may be perfect. It’s a completely natural stone and is extracted naturally from the earth each and every day.

Then, it is expertly transformed into beautiful, luxurious countertops. The great thing about granite is that it is resistant to things such as scratches, heat, and stains. These are typically things that cause other surfaces to deteriorate.

Granite Slabs | Granite Countertops
Quartzite Slabs | Quartzite Countertops


This is a naturally formed metamorphic stone and is a result of sandstone being exposed to high levels of heat and pressure within the earth. But, this process means the stone is tremendously tough, and some say is even harder than granite. This means you’ll be getting a durable, heat-resistant countertop.

It will definitely still give your kitchen a gorgeous look though, due to the white or grey color scheme that you can achieve.



Onyx Slabs | Onyx Countertops


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