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Published: Friday, April 28, 2023

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What do you do if something improbable occurs? Despite your best efforts, a hefty object has damaged your lovely stone countertop by falling across it. You will probably wonder how to fix it after the initial shock and rage disappear. Unfortunately, you are not alone in this situation because occasionally accidents occur. So, is there still any chance of fixing it, or not? Relax, our countertop chip repair professionals can deliver results that are essentially imperceptible.


Can you fix a countertop in the kitchen?

The stone is strong, that much is apparent. However, if you hit it in the exact correct place, anything can produce a chip. Chips occasionally appear on the four exposed edges of an under-mount sink and the edges of the bench. Unfortunately, it’s really common and straightforward to do this.

Of course, MEGA MARBLE can restore any stone to a nearly flawless and pristine state, regardless of the damage or the type of stone. Therefore, repairing a Mega Marble countertop is neither a straightforward fill nor a quick, subpar fix. Since we want the stone to have a nearly flawless factory finish, we spend time and effort rebuilding it.



How can you fix a countertop without having to buy a new one?

How can you fix a countertop without having to buy a new one?

How can you fix a countertop without having to buy a new one?

For those who are more scientifically literate, epoxy, or polyepoxides, is an extremely strong adhesive that our countertop chip repair experts utilize.  Repairing cracked stone countertops is only one of the many construction, building, and maintenance tasks for which epoxy is utilized.

We advise retaining the damaged part if at all feasible, especially if it is a larger-size countertop. The chip may frequently be repaired by gluing it back on, sealing, and polishing it until it looks fantastic once again. Producers can lightly rub, mix, and polish it till it fits in circumstances when the chip is not stored or if the region is tiny enough. Lighter-colored surfaces appear to be more forgiving with this technique in our experience.



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Kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, countertops, bar stools, and tables are among the surfaces that MEGA MARBLE excels in repairing. Despite being robust materials, natural marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, granite, engineered stone, and quartz stone is still prone to chips, cracks, and stains.

To stop further damage, professional stone countertop chip repairs are crucial. Superglue should not be used to try to fix a chip because it will do further harm to the stone.


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