Jerusalem stone

Jerusalem Stone Wall

The Stone of Jerusalem, the pride of the Holy City of Israel, also known as Meleke in Arabic, this limestone is renowned the world over.

The only quarry around the City reserves its blocks for buildings constructed on the soil of Jerusalem; small quarries based in Israel also sell their limestones under this name.

Luminous like gold at sunset, beautiful and durable, Jerusalem Stone has become a popular material bringing a unique style to floors and walls especially in synagogues, mosques, and churches.

In the Holy Land, many stones transport us to biblical times and events, stones that have been part of the history of the people of God and of the life of the teachings of Christ.

He himself said: “If the prophets were to be silenced, the stones would cry out.” And he exhorted: “He who is free from sin, cast the first stone.”

The country of extraction of the Stone of Jerusalem is Israel.

The formation of this Stone began 145 million years ago, during the Upper Jurassic / Lower Cretaceous period. It formed on the shallow seabed carbon platform of the Teide Sea.

It is made up of sand, algae, limestone, fossils, bilocastres, and nerines, among the earliest living forms on the planet.

Thanks to its composition, we can see that the work of time and the elements that make up the Jerusalem Stone, in addition to its absolute and particular beauty, give it great resistance and impermeability.





Jerusalem Stone Split Face Tiles

Jerusalem Stone Split Face Tiles

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