Calacatta marble slab

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By Matthew Petacci

Calacatta Marble is one of the most sought out marble in New York City for kitchen countertops or bathroom walls and showers. Most of the clients are looking for something unique and this marble gives it to you. Each stone is unique in its own way. Calacatta has been used in museums, wedding halls, hotels, and of course the kitchen counters. They are in the high-end price range. Please give us a call to get a quote.

White marble is probably the most famous marble type. It probably needs no further introduction as for ages now it has been mined and of course, used in the most stunning of ways by famous artists in various artworks such as sculptures and even as decoration of the most historic cathedrals.

It is for sure seen as a sign of luxury and distinction and as all luxurious and distinct things, the acquisition of these unique marble pieces comes at a certain price

There exist several types of white marble and the one that is probably more loved is the Calacatta marble.

Description and Features of White Calacatta Marble

Originating from Italy, Calacatta is a very distinctive type of marble that is white and possesses gold veining. Of course, Gold veining is not the only type of veining it possesses. Calacatta like the other marble types has the incredible feature of being unique because as natural stone, the earth processes involved in its formation differ, hence they all differ in veining, shades, and brightness.

Of course, the elegance of Calacatta cannot be denied. It offers a touch of both elegance and luxury which is probably the reason why it is this loved on the market.

Is Calacatta a Good Option for My Kitchen?

The answer to this question is obviously yes. This countertop will probably change the whole look of your kitchen. As a matter of fact, the elegance of this countertop is exclusive to it. Meaning that the look it will provide can only be obtained with Calacatta.

However, Calacatta has a few limitations which are common to all marble types. They are mainly related to care. For example, it needs sealing because it is porous and stains can easily infiltrate it. You surely don’t want permanent stains on a material of such beauty. Another limitation is the scratches as they will certainly show if any. Despite these few limitations, Calacatta is still loved as the solution to these various problems is easily accessible.

What You Should Know…

Obviously, this luxury and fame have a cost. That is why, unfortunately, Calacatta might be out of reach for certain people. The cost of a Calacatta slab is relatively higher, compared to other white marble slabs.

Of course, the price may not be a limitation for certain but, one thing you should watch out for is quality. If you are not an expert in this milieu, chances are, you will be sold a low-quality item for the price of a luxurious one.

What should be done?

If you are not a marble expert to be able to discern the high-quality ones from the others, the only thing you can do is go to certified fabricators. These fabricators need to know what they are doing or should we say, be experts in the fabrication of countertops.

Note however that, the finishing touch drastically influences the look of your countertop so, choose your fabricator wisely.



Calacatta white marble island

Calacatta white marble island

Calacatta Marble Slabs

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