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Carrara White Marble: What You Should Know And Why

Carrara White Marble Countertops

What is Carrara?

Different types of marble are commonly called names associated with the areas where the stone is carved, and in the case of Carrara marble originating in the city of Massa Carrara in the Tuscany region of Italy. If this sounds like a prestigious area you are not mistaken, and if you do not look at it, this prestige can also be seen on the interior of the Carrara. This is a high-quality, high-grade marble that undergoes professional processing to reveal the unique and refined texture of the stone, which usually comes in light to white shades. The Carrara marble has a unique fingerprint of texture although the unprofessional eye can look like many other marble types.

To make sure you understand the little nuances that differentiate between Carrara marble and other stone models, to ensure that you understand how these nuances can affect the entire design atmosphere of your home and to understand how this stone can blend into your home as cladding, as a tile or as a kitchen countertop, It is important that you assist the appropriate professionals who will provide you with all the information and guide you through the decision-making process.

Where is Carrara Marble used?

Personal taste, professional design principles, and structural features of the stone itself determine the use of Carrara marble. Within this range of considerations, the Carrera marble can be adapted to a wide range of uses, though the three most common uses of the unique type of marble include interior areas like fireplaces and walls, interior flooring, and kitchen countertops.

However, in interior flooring, the effect of the Carrera will be much more prestigious than used when there is a kitchen. Also as a kitchen counter, there is Carrera as an aesthetic, decorative, and even upscale option, although today there are other types of marble that have managed to develop textures very similar to Carrera and in some ways have made its appearance somewhat standard in this category.

If you are looking for a solution for home flooring, or kitchen countertop and have heard of the possibility of Carrara marble, you definitely want to go and look into that option, but you do not want to make a decision until you understand exactly what all the options are for you, within the range of models Of Carrara marble and beyond.

You can find the Carrara marble in many different warehouses but do not forget each lot is different from the other and so is the quality. There is commercial quality and high-end quality some warehouses can present to you the Carrara commercial quality but sell it as high quality. The high-end lot comes directly from Italy, where the stone undergoes a series of processing processes that allow for a wide variety of designs and textures. We at Mega Marble specialize in marble-like Carrara and know the difference between the commercial and high-quality lots. We will help you choose one that suits you.

We can also help you decide if Carrara Marble is right for you and if it is not we can point you to so many different types of slabs that are similar to Carrara. Turning slightly in a different direction can be hard but we are here to help and guide through the process. We are here for you to find the right matching counter for your needs.

If you are comparing prices just make sure you are comparing apples to apples, not apples to oranges as the saying goes. If you are getting a very cheap or very expensive offer compared to the rest, it is important to find out why. Maybe the lower price is a lower quality maybe one charge more for customer service.



Carrara Marble

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White Carrara Marble

White Carrara Marble










Carrara marble is considered one of the most valuable varieties of marble in the world. Its name comes from the name of the small town of Carrara, located in the Apuan Alps in Tuscany. A quarry with magnificent white marble is located not far from this city.

NAME  White Carrara Marble Slabs
Primary Color(s) White
Other Industry Names White Carrara Marble
Country Italy
Stone Type Marble
Available Finishes Polished, Honed
Available Slabs in New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Connecticut (CT)
Thickness 1.25″ / 3/4

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Carrara White Marble Slabs