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By Matthew Petacci

What is the price to renovate your bathroom in New York City? What budget should you plan for the complete or partial renovation of a bathroom? What is the average price of a bathroom renovation? A place of relaxation and hygiene, the bathroom invites you to have a moment for yourself. So, it’s important to feel good there. This is why most owners pay particular attention to this room and do not hesitate to initiate a renovation if necessary: replacement of the bathtub with a shower, creation of a walk-in shower, change of floor coverings and wall-mounted, … Old-fashioned bathrooms, not very functional or even with enameled elements are all reasons that push you to a refurbishment. Focus on the expected cost and the price to restore an old bathroom or shower room. The New York city bathroom is small so you have to choose the right things to make sure it looks big. The price guide for remodeling your bathroom.

Why renovate an old bathroom or powder room?

The renovation of a bathroom is a project regularly considered by the owners of a house or an apartment. Depending on your desires and the budget to these works, it is possible to change the decoration by installing new floors or to replace bathroom vanity, bathtub, shower, sink and basin, or toilets. We will then speak of complete or partial renovation.

Shower in place of the bathtub, jetted bathtub to replace the old enameled one, need a walk-in shower or even want a double sink, there is no shortage of reasons for wanting to renovate the bathroom. While everyone is motivated to start a bathroom renovation, fashion, innovation and wear are the main reasons for wanting to change everything.

Indeed, a place of relaxation, the bathroom must make you want to stay there and not to flee it as soon as you enter it. Changing just some things can give a new look to the room. It is also often the place where decor takes all its importance in order to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

You may also need to extend the bathroom for the arrival of a new member of the family or simply to place a shower and a bathtub if you wish. In short, you will understand, the bathroom is the room to be pampered. So let your imagination take control of your desires.

 Advantages of a new bathroom without changing everything

The partial renovation of the bathroom allows you to modify the room as you wish without having to change everything. It is possible, for example, to paint a bathtub or an old bathroom tile, provided it is in good condition. In this case, you can update the decoration of this room without undertaking major interior renovation work.

Therefore, you don’t have to do a complete renovation to feel comfortable in your bathroom. Sometimes a simple brushstroke on furniture and the replacement of certain elements, sink or shower, or even a reorganization of space can change everything.

In addition to being cheaper and therefore saving money, here are the advantages of partially refurbishing your bathroom:

With just a little work and a little elbow grease, you will create a real relaxation space for washing, applying make-up, …

Bet on decoration, and in particular the colors of the coverings, to give a face lift to your bathroom and give a Zen atmosphere to this room.

Make your daily life easier. Indeed, the bathroom is the inevitable crossroads morning and evening for the whole family. You can reorganize your bathroom, especially if the room is small.

In summary, the partial renovation of a bathroom allows you to change the room without carrying out major work. The list of advantages of a new bathroom at a lower cost does not stop growing. By replacing some old elements with more modern elements, you will get a bathroom to your liking without having to change everything and without spending a fortune.

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