Kitchen Island Ideas

How to design a perfect island in the Kitchen to suit your needs

By Matthew Petacci

Imagine a family scene in a home. The first image that comes to mind will probably be a family sitting around a table. Family and food have always been ideas that go together – the family gathers around the table, the food is served in the center, maybe there is also a pot or two standing on the stove and steaming food.

Over the years, this family image takes different forms and progresses over time and with the changing experience. The pace of life is busy and agitated, our everyday reality is fast, and we adapt to them, but one thing doesn’t change – the food and the family, still together. One of the obvious examples of this change is the connection between the kitchen and the living room – a connection that creates a flowing, eclectic, comfortable, and functional living space that eliminates the separation between where guests gather and where food is prepared and eaten.

This merger has in the last two decades produced a design solution that seems to have become a must item in every home – the kitchen island, which functions as a central intersection between the kitchen and the living room, and allows to reduce the living space while fulfilling several functions at the same time.

A situation has arisen that the apartment cannot accommodate both a dining area and a very large kitchen, which is why they need the kitchen island was born. The kitchen island provided an additional work surface and also provided a daily dining table, which does not allow room for accommodation.  If your kitchen cabinets do not have enough storage, this would be another great reason to make an island and add storage space to your kitchen space.

kitchen island’s unique design and central location make it a great multi-purpose tool, so each member of the household finds himself assisted in a variety of ways. There are some people cooking on the kitchen island, some prepping, some just sit and relax, and some do homework. So now the kitchen island becomes the center of the house.

There are many types of the kitchen island. Some have sunk in them, some have cooktops to cook, some just plan eating space, and some have storage space. You have to decide which island is good for you.

There are many types of stones that can be used for a kitchen island. Marble which is a sensitive stone but so elegant that is the #1 choice with our clients, granite which is a hard stone but more traditional look, Quartz stone which is a man-made stone and mimics the look of marble, and Quartzite which is the one that most clients choose if they do not want a very sensitive stone but also do not want the traditional granite look. Each stone is different, you will need to see which stone better suits your needs.

Best Kitchen Island Ideas

Best Kitchen Island Ideas


  • So how do we know which one is right for our kitchen?

First of all, before you start planning a kitchen island, even though every person dreams of having one at home, one must think about whether space is at all suitable for the kitchen island.



Most of the quartz tops for the island can have about 10”-12” without support.



  • How much is a marble kitchen island?

Marble islands vary in price since some stones like Calacatta Gold Marble is more expensive than White Carrara Marble.

Type Per Square Foot
 White Carrara Marble $50
Calacatta Gold Marble $180
Statuary Marble $150

Please note that the price is subject to changes.


  • Is Marble OK for kitchen countertops?

Many of our clients choose marble for the countertops and islands, it really depends on your lifestyle.



  • How do you take care of marble countertops?

Marble countertops should be sealed and re-polished one time a year, or as the client would prefer.



  • What is the least expensive stone for countertops?

The least expensive stone would be granite commercial quality.



  • What size kitchen island is too big?

There is nothing too big for a kitchen island, but you should see which slab will be the longest so you would not need any seams in it. The average size I would think is about 125” x 48”






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