Bathroom Remodeling Trends NYC

Bathroom Remodeling NYC

When was the last time you visited a friend’s house and found yourself in awe? Astounded by the colorful tiles, the astonishing combination of slabs, all in all, making you feel at peace and harmony. 2019 has started its year with a Boom! You can definitely see the latest trends that we had by the end of 2018 start blossoming now. NYC, a city where the latest trends begin, you don’t want to be the last one jumping on this bandwagon. With our company’s smart-home strategist we will explain to you the most popular tiles for your bathroom and much more.

Three Bathroom trends picking up speed

Bathroom vanities NYC

Bathroom vanities NYC

One of the most popular places to renovate in your house is the master bathroom. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, renovating your bathroom can help raise your house value. Redesigning your bathroom can give a whole new feeling, a brand new vibe to your house. Think of it as an investment.
Many of the previous designs were all about grey and white tiles. While these tiles are still very much popular colors for the bathroom; with the advancement in technology, we tend to prize low-maintenance but attractive designs.
Here are a few innovations in bathrooms: 
● Smart toilets: Yes you read correctly. These toilets are the mark of a new beginning in bathroom trends in NYC. Smart toilets come equipped with a built-in cleaning function, night lights for safety, and even a sensor to open and close the lid. While it comes in many variations, you also have the option of buying seat warmers with adjustable heights.
● Barn doors: They say, First Impressions are important, and it all starts with the doors. Barn doors have been knocking around the neighborhood for a while now, sometimes as a closet door and at times, a decorative element in homes -now they can be used in bathrooms-. Barn doors are efficient and easy to use. Adding this to your restroom will be a grand addition.
● Voice-controlled technology: Besides the fact that we have high-tech toilets and smart mirrors in 2019, voice-control has also joined into this waltz. Want to listen to music while showing? Want to adjust the lighting while shaving? Today you can have all that, with the introduction to voice-control that is more than possible.

The different types of tiles for your bathroom

Marble slabs on shower walls & floors NYC

Marble slabs on shower walls & floors NYC

There are many types of tiles that are available for your bathroom. With a myriad of designs and texture, we all want to find the best tile.  Let us introduce you to Marble Slabs.
Marble Slabs are an excellent choice for your new bathroom tile. Marble is a natural stone created from limestone. This slab has been heated and crushed by nature. Complexed yet
traditional, the marble slab can be easily polished and comes in a range of sizes. It can be veined or patterned, definitely an interesting color to add to your bathroom.
Another attractive point that the Marble Slab has is its low cost and high-tech design. With those of us on a budget, the Marble slab is an outstanding choice to make your bathroom look good as new.

Popular Vanity colors for your bathroom

Want to recolor your bathroom? Looking for an inspired design for your restroom? Start off with searching for vanity colors. White, Grey, and ebony colors have been around the block for many years but still is amongst the most popular vanity colors. These colors virtually go with all bathroom styles. Each color has its own benefits, for example, white will make your bathroom seem larger, but at the end of the day, they are a neutral color that will definitely spice up your bathroom.
How to remodel a small bathroom
Homeowners usually think remodeling a small bathroom takes less effort and money than master bathrooms, and they often find out it’s the exact opposite. The reason is simple. A small bathroom consists of the same elements as any big bathroom. Because of this, it takes time and careful planning to perfect this masterpiece.
Things to consider: 
● Type of restroom: Every bathroom remodeling starts with a question. What type of bathroom is it going to be? Is it a full bathroom? A guest bathroom? A bathroom for the master bedroom? Answering these questions can help you focus on the task at hand.
 ● Consider who is using the bathroom: Is it a bathroom for guests? You? Or maybe even your children. This question is essential because of the elements it consists of. Time=Money, find out exactly the use of your bathroom and you’ll find yourself saving time, money, and energy.
Jump into the Bandwagon of future investing: 
Small bathroom remodel NYC

Small bathroom remodel NYC

It’s important to know how to remodel your bathroom. Knowing how is the first step towards a positive future investment. With a new design, your house value rises. It’s simple as that. Nowadays, a lot of people use “Middle-Man” to do this for them. That is a terrible decision. Not only that costs more, but the quality of the product you want is also less. It’s always best to go directly to the company to help you.

Mega-Marble: A Company for remodeling the perfect bathroom

With years of experience under our belt, you can be more than sure we know how to help you remodel and design your bathroom. Mega Marble has worked with countless customers and hundreds of companies, we know the latest trends and can help you achieve your dream design.
For more information regarding Countertops, you can give us a call at 1-800-634-2315 or navigate through our website – for more oriented details or send us an email with your project requirements and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can email us at

Marble slabs On Shower Walls & Floors




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