Recognition & Memorial Stone Wall

Memorial Stone Wall

A chapel commemorative plaque is one of the most common instrumentation items in all Chapels around the world. This plaque is used to commemorate the loved ones and it is placed in various places throughout Chapels. In some cases, the names that appear on the memorial plaques are the relatives and loved ones of the worshipers of the place and in some cases, they are the worshipers of the place who have passed away. One way or another, memorial plaques serve as a kind of commemorative plaques bearing the names of the deceased for many years to come.

The commemorative plaques placed in almost all Chapels are made from various raw materials such as wood, programmer, aluminum, glass, and other raw materials. But the most popular is the marble stone and especially the Jerusalem stone, these panels are produced in different shapes and sizes and in most cases they allow the name of the deceased to be added at any given moment. Today, using advanced manufacturing technologies it is possible to produce commemorative signs from marble or granite combined with engraving styles on commemorative signs. This manufacturing technology is implemented using CNC machines designed for the machining processes of every possible raw material.

Marble or granite commemorative signs are elegant commemorative plaques in which engraving can be created on commemorative signs in any required design style, where the stone processing process is made possible thanks to the Laser Stone technology which is characterized by a particularly high level of accuracy. This technology is intended for the cutting and processing of the stone when the engraving action on the stone is applied using Laser Engraving Stone. When the shape of the memory boards is produced, they can be installed inside aluminum frames or other raw materials and even added different lighting means that allow the illumination of each of the names that appear on the board. Commemorative signs made of stone slabs are made of various types of stone, including, Jerusalem stone, White Carrara, and even Absolute Black.

Modern cutting and milling technology allow you to enjoy a diverse range of Chapel’s memory boards made from different raw materials, each of which can achieve a maximum level of precision of decorative engravings that compile the memory board as a whole and emphasize and highlight the names of the deceased on the board.

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