Custom Radiator Covers With Stone

By Guila Lopez

Radiator Cover Window Sill

White Quartz and White Marble are both materials people are very familiar with mainly because they have been used for a long time now. They have been generally used as tiles, kitchen, and also bathroom countertops, but, very few know the other uses of these stones.

From the title, you might have already understood that our focus in this article will be to see if White Quartz and White Marble can be used as window sills. However, before we get to that aspect, let us get to know more about the materials in question.

What there is To Know about White Quartz and White Mable?

We are going, to begin with, White Quartz. Concerning this material, the first thing to mention is that it is not a natural stone, but is entirely man-made. However, the fact it is not natural is not a disadvantage at all as it has been made to overcome quite a number of shortcomings natural stones presented. One example is that natural stones had a limited range of colors whereas with Quartz you can obtain any color of your choice and even obtain natural-looking stones without the maintenance that goes with these natural stones.

White marble on the other hand is particularly known for several reasons, the most peculiar being that it has been used by several of the World’s greatest artists and architects in the world for their famous works, and also because its unique classy and elegant look stands out. Another point concerning white marble is that it is unique. The natural earth processes involved to create these stones are particular in the sense that each stone differs in either veining, hues, shadows, and all the like.

Having briefly done an overview of both materials and their principal characteristics, we are going to answer the question of whether or not they can or should be used as window sills.

Should they be used as Window Sills?

The answer to this is inevitably a Yes as both materials, first of all, naturally have the ability to brighten a room up and add to it a touch of beauty and elegance. This ability to beautify is even more amplified when used as window sill as the materials are directly in contact with daylight and reflect in a way no other material can.

However, one may have a concern as per the fit in the window as the dimensions may be different from those of the slab. Actually, that can be easily resolved as it can be cut to the size required, and eventually installed.

We will therefore conclude by saying that, using either White Marble or White Quartz as a window sill is a great idea as it can rapidly change the look of a hall from dull to elegant. However, remember that there is a minimum of maintenance required, particularly with marble as it should be sealed once in a while to avoid permanent stains.








Custom Radiator Covers With Marble

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