White Vermont Quartzite Super White Quartzite Kitchen Countertops
White Vermont Quartzite Super


NAME White Vermont Quartzite SLABS
Primary Color(s) White
Other Industry Names Super White Quartzite
Country Brazil
Stone Type Quartzite
Available Finishes Polished, Honed
Available Slabs in New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Connecticut (CT)
Thickness 1.25″

White Vermont Quartzite

White Vermont quartzite is one of the most popular quartzite clients use for their kitchens. It has an elegant and flawless look. White Vermont has more of a grey to white coloring compared to the Super White quartzite. White Vermont is known for its hardness compared to all the other quartzites. White Vermont is one of the most popular materials that clients choose for their kitchen countertop and island. They love the look of marble but do not want to deal with the sensitivity of it so they go for the White Vermont which is also knows as Super White.








White Vermont Quartzite

White Vermont Quartzite OH