Granite Countertops

By Matthew Petacci

Granite Countertop

Granite is a natural choice for the kitchen, unlike other solutions such as porcelain, quartz, or marble, which are based on synthetic (processed) stone, for example, Caesar stone. The granite stone is a natural stone carved from the mountains or the depths of the earth and undergoes polishing processes in advanced machinery. The result is impressive natural granite, with a variety of unique textures in hundreds of styles and colors. This versatility, together with the durability and high quality of the granite, are the main reasons for the great affection of designers and architects to incorporate granite countertops into their work.
There are dozens of other styles and textures of granite countertops. Feel free to check out other styles of granite countertops in our photographed gallery, or of course come and visit in person.

What were you looking for? How to have granite will fit into your home
Thanks to the variety of designs of granite countertops and its properties as a strong and durable material, it can be used in a variety of locations inside and outside: from kitchens, bathrooms, cladding to buildings, balcony floor, and to environmental sculpture. However, before you want to choose your granite – take a moment, and understand if the granite is indeed the stone that is right for you and your home, you can always also reach us for free advice.
Granite countertops are a durable and strong material that equates to luxury, aesthetics, and great character. The granite can fit into any home’s design, with high durability and not prone to scratches and bruises, very easy to clean and heat-resistant, making it a favorite granite for kitchens. In fact, if you are considering granite for the kitchen, you may want to consider that there is a Sensa by Constino: a particularly high-quality, high-quality granite with a special coating that protects from absorption. Mega Marble also has a variety of models and wide textures for you to choose from.

As for the special textures that adorn almost all types of granite, this is both its balance and its disadvantage – depending on your taste. There are those who love the look of shades and stripes that adorn the marble, while some prefer a smooth, clean surface. However, the price of granite countertops should be taken into account at the upper end of the price range. We at Mega Marble recommend the granite stone.
Buying granite slabs for the home will give it a prestigious and unique look that suits you.

Granite is indeed carved from the earth’s surface and undergone machining and polishing to give it its unique, shiny appearance. One of the special things about having granite is the fact that it’s a unique surface with texture and shades that are not found anywhere else for this reason our NYC clients love this stone for.

Design – Many believe there is nothing like the real thing. When choosing a granite you actually purchase a very prestigious surface unparalleled in terms of design and texture. Even if your neighbor wants the exact same thing, she probably won’t be able to get it because, as we mentioned, every surface has a different appearance and texture. So you actually get a kitchen with a uniqueness – one that you won’t find anywhere in NYC.

Durability – Another feature that distinguishes granite from other types of kitchen countertops is its high durability this is why our clients in New York City love it. High temperature resistant so you can place hot pans on it without fear. Also, it is known for its toughness and strength and is therefore almost completely resistant to scratches caused by sharp objects.

Warranty – There is no warranty on natural stones.

Granite Cleaning – cleaning is very simple and usually wiping with a damp cloth will definitely do, but some of our clients in NYC ask us to come back 1 or 2 times a year to seal their granites.

Price – varies in pricing, depending on the material itself. Depending on the texture and color of the granite as well as where it was carved. The price is not uniform just like the slab is unique so are the prices.

Granite Countertop Slabs

Granite Countertop Slabs




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