White Quartzite Slabs For Kitchen Countertops

White Quartzite Kitchen Countertop

White quartzite has seen a stunning rise in popularity in recent years, and when you consider some of the qualities of this marvelous material it’s not hard to see why. With its durability, its classic look, its simple maintenance requirements, and its uniqueness, white quartzite can seem like the obvious choice when it comes to picking a material for your kitchen countertop or bartop. Just in case you haven’t quite made up your mind, however, here are a few things to consider about quartzite.

Quartzite is stunningly durable and dirt-resistant. Because it’s a natural stone, there are no synthetic materials to degrade. These qualities make it an excellent choice for kitchen fixtures and fittings. Your quartzite countertop will stand up to years of intense usage, and still, look great.

White quartzite is a light-colored stone, shot through with darker veins that vary from almost black all the way up to beige. Each piece of stone is completely different and completely unique. The random variations of the veins make quartzite countertops both visually arresting and pleasing to look at. Indeed, quartzite is known for having the appearance of marble with the durability of granite. If you want a classy and elegant look for your kitchen or bar area – but don’t want to have to deal with constant repairs and damages – white quartzite could be the material for you.

Super White Quartzite Kitchen Countertops

Super White Quartzite Kitchen Countertops

Quartzite has seen a boom in recent years, as clients wake up to its many aesthetic and functional benefits. Huge numbers of kitchens in Manhattan and The Hamptons are adopting the white quartzite look, and the material is very much in demand. The classic look of white quartzite fits with almost any kitchen and makes a stunning centerpiece for any design. If you want your kitchen or bar area to have an immediate impact while still remaining reserved, elegant, gorgeous, and classy, then it’s well worth considering a white quartzite countertop as a key feature of your design.

Quartzite is also a versatile material. You can order it honed for a matt finish or polished for a more glossy and reflective look – whatever suits the ambiance of your kitchen area. Whatever you opt for, you’ll receive a piece of stone that’s smooth, free from blemishes and bumps, and almost indistinguishable from marble in terms of look and feel.

You may only recently have started hearing about white quartzite, but with this in-demand material on the rise, you’ll soon see it in kitchens everywhere. Not only is it incredibly hard-wearing and stain-resistant, but it also looks fantastic in almost any setting. If you want a kitchen that not only works well but looks great too, look into white quartzite as a countertop material today.





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