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White Marble is one of the most prestigious types of Natural Stone. Its unique appearance and timeless beauty make more and more users use it in their homes. One of the proposals that appear most often in the case of marble is the preparation of kitchen surfaces based on it.

Marble stone was used by the ancient Romans for interior finishing, carving, and even construction. Although it is not as durable as Granite stone and today it is only used for interior space, in the past, there was a slightly different opinion about durability. Back then, no one cared about minor cracks, minor discoloration, or minor damage. In White Marble, its color was valued above all.

The white color in Greek and Roman mythology is meant for the gods. The meaning was purity, faith, and hope. Additionally, white items used to be hard to come by. Only the wealthiest could afford pure white tunics, as well as other items such as pearly White Marble for their homes.

White Marble is the choice of people who value practicality and reliability. They are used not as a work surface, but as a decorative element that can add enthusiasm and exclusivity to the overall interior style, and emphasize the elegance of the environment, and speaking of luxury, White Marble countertops look very elegant and impressive in the kitchen. Before we decide on such solutions, it is useful to know the properties of White Marble and answer the question, will this stone really work as kitchen countertops?


White Marble Countertops

White Marble Countertops



1. Where do you import white marble from?

Luxury White Marble imported from Carrara City Italy,
White Marble is a stone without impurities, a pure mineral that impresses with its homogeneous structure, strength, and resistance to wear. Its performance is combined with striking aesthetics, white marble may have grayish and gold veining.

The largest quantities of white marble production are concentrated in Italy, the most expensive white Marble is Italian marble-like Statuary Marble, Calacatta Gold Marble, and Sculptural marble stone.
These stones are prestigious and unique in their quality and incomparable beauty.


Where do you import white marble from

Where do you import white marble from



2. Is white marble good for kitchen countertops?

When choosing white marble for kitchen counters, we must be aware that it will be exposed to hot utensils, sharp knives, and heavy kitchen equipment on a daily basis. Spilled liquids, remnants of food products, and chemicals that we use to clean and disinfect work surfaces in the kitchen will also be part of everyday life. Countertops for the kitchen must therefore be made of materials resistant to all these factors, so that they serve us as long as possible, with an aesthetic appearance and in good condition.

White Marble is one of the most recognized and appreciated types of natural stone. Its timeless beauty, unique appearance, and characteristic use make many people want to have it permanently in their homes. One of the most popular suggestions for using this unique stone is marble countertops for the kitchen and fireplace.

The white marble countertops for the kitchen also have a low resistance to mechanical damage, they are particularly sensitive to scratches, and acids that are often used in the kitchen and are very sensitive to chemicals. This means that the cleaning products must be chosen very carefully so as not to damage the delicate work surface. All this makes the marble countertops for the kitchen, not an optimal solution, especially if we care about their aesthetic and attractive appearance for many years.


Is white marble good for kitchen countertops

Is white marble good for kitchen countertops?



3. What is the difference between white marble and white quartz?

As you can understand, white marble countertops for the kitchen are not a solution recommended by professional stonemasons. However, if we can’t give up luxury and their unique aesthetics and want to combine it with much better functional features, it’s worth reaching for kitchen countertops made of Quartz stone. This material can have an appearance very similar to marble but surpass it significantly in terms of utility values.

Quartz stone is a modern material, 95% of which consists of natural Quartz sand. Kitchen work surfaces made of quartz stone are characterized by high resistance to damage and mechanical scratches, the formation of stains, and have an aesthetic appearance that allows the creation of a unique interior design in every kitchen, which will serve us in an attractive way for many years.


What is the difference between white marble and white quartz

What is the difference between white marble and white quartz?



4. The advantages of white marble surfaces

White Marble is a timeless material, ideally suited to a classic, modern, and minimalist interior. It has been used for thousands of years and is always considered a material of the highest quality.

The advantages of white marble countertops for the kitchen are perfectly suited to rooms designed in a classical style, for example, those in the French or English style, where its elegant style will blend well with traditional kitchen cabinets. A particularly effective combination is a combination of a white marble work surface with a delicate pattern and gray kitchen cabinets. This is a proven recipe for an elegant kitchen, although an equally beneficial effect can be achieved by combining a marble surface with darker cabinets, for example, dark blue or black. Accessories and furniture handles in gold or copper color are perfect.


The advantages of white marble surfaces

The advantages of white marble surfaces



5. Disadvantages of white marble countertops

You already know the benefits of white marble countertops for the kitchen. Unfortunately, they also have drawbacks.

High purchase cost – unfortunately, white marble countertops for the kitchen are one of the most expensive stones on the market.

The white marble is mostly composed of calcite, which gives it a soft feel. For this reason, it is susceptible to damage and scratches caused by harder materials. A knife blade or heavy tools may therefore damage the surface of the marble. However, this can be prevented by additionally securing cutting boards with non-slip mats and pads. Therefore, those using a marble surface cannot cut directly on it, but the same rule applies to, for example, laminate surfaces.


Disadvantages of white marble countertops

Disadvantages of white marble countertops



6. How do you seal white marble?

Marble stone is a unique material that requires proper care. Marble stone is limestone and therefore reacts with acids and some chemicals. In order to take care of the marble and be guaranteed that it will serve us for many years in perfect condition, it must be treated properly.

One of the basic activities you need to remember is protection for the white marble countertops and the stone sealer. The stone sealer is a material designed to protect the marble stone from stains. It works by closing the pores of the natural stone marble.

The protective layer existing on the soaked stone protects it from contact with substances that might otherwise harm it.

If you decide on marble stone, remember that applying a sealer is a must. Without it, discoloration is almost certain to appear on the counter after a while.

Apply the stone sealer on a clean stone. Before that, wash the stone with water, and then wait for it to dry. Pour a little of the sealer on the dry stone and spread it with a cloth over the entire stone. This activity should be repeated after two weeks, and then repeat itself. Depending on the material and installation location, use every year or every two years.


How do you seal white marble

How do you seal white marble?



7. The most popular white marble – Carrara White Italian Marble

White Cararra marble – the most popular white marble Undoubtedly, the most popular marble stone in the world is the Italian White Cararra marble. It is used all over the world, from China to the USA. In addition, it is the most popular pattern from which imitation marble tiles are made. This particular marble has several advantages. First of all, it has a relatively high density and low porosity. This makes White Cararra marble The most durable Marble stone you can choose. It is suitable not only for stone surfaces but also for floors and walls. It can be used even in the bathroom. It is not recommended to choose Marble stone for kitchen surfaces, due to the large number of natural acids used in the kitchen. Lemon juice or vinegar are just two products that are able to destroy the delicate coating of the Marble stone through a chemical reaction.


The most popular white marble - Carrara White Italian Marble

The most popular white marble – Carrara White Italian Marble



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