White Marble Kitchen Countertops

White marble countertops

European designers have been using White Marble countertops for many years. and even centuries ago the Romans coveted the marvelous White Marble and used it to decorate their public buildings and private villas.


White Marble has been used in the interior since ancient Greek times. It still remains a relevant material, especially for the kitchen and bathroom countertops. A White Marble finish gives the interior an original and sophisticated style. This material is versatile and suitable for any stylistic solution, whether it is in a classic or modern style. The White Marble looks luxurious in any application. Having a bathtub used to create interiors by elite designers, emphasizes the impeccable artistic richness and taste of homeowners. Large marble surfaces offer a number of additional benefits that you can get when you choose them for your new interior decoration project.


Let’s take a closer look and find out why large Marble stone countertops are so popular today and what benefits they have. First of all, they allow you to emphasize the benefits of graphics due to the optical effect of continuity and space expansion in visual vision, so that any environment looks expanded, airy, and light. In addition, there are important practical aspects: the large format allows you to reduce the number of joints in the kitchen countertop, which causes, in addition to easing the level of cleaning and disinfection on the counter, better perception of the kitchen space, or bathroom space especially when the walls and floor are harmonious and uninterrupted, merging into one whole.


Reasons to use large marble countertops.

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are many reasons that will cause the balance to lean towards large marble surfaces because of the benefits they provide. Let’s take a look at the most important benefits that large Marble stone countertops offer.


It provides a greater sense of space.

If you intend to visually expand the environment, it’s to create a feeling that it is larger than it actually is, the most appropriate and recommended is to rely on large Marble stone surfaces. White Cararra marble is just one option to make your kitchen look modern and beautiful. As long as you understand that Cararra marble is not durable and the beauty of it, is its wear and tear.


Reduces installation time.

Another advantage we can emphasize in this type of format is the reduction of installation time. When Marble stone surfaces are larger, they require fewer seams, which makes assembly easier and reduces the time spent on it.


Choosing the White Marble.

You can either go to the warehouse to choose the slab or get a marble broker to choose it for you. A marble broker works for you and will visit many stone slab yards and will choose the ones that best fit your needs. Just looking at the marble is not good enough you need a professional to make sure it is of the best quality. There are many types of White Marble on the market. There is White Cararra marble is one of the most popular stones and then there is Calacatta Gold Marble, Statuary marble, and White Cararra marble which are the top two White Marble slabs. You will have to provide the marble broker with information on the style and budget you are looking for.


Here are a couple of tips for choosing a marble slab

The first one would be choosing a Marble stone-like White Cararra if you are worried about scratches and etching because of its messy patterns the scratches will be more like it is supposed to be there. The second would be considering how your counter and backsplash will look with different Marble stone patterns. The third would be to take into consideration the finish of the Marble stone you would like from a polished to a matte look. The fourth tip would be to make sure you seal the Marble stone Kitchen countertops and keep them maintained with sealing annually.





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