Semi Precious Stone Slab

Semi-Precious Stone

When creating interiors, designers use a variety of materials, thanks to which the living space takes on individuality. Now you will not surprise anyone with a brick wall without treatment or a concrete floor covering in an apartment. But the most inimitable and unique interior material was and remains a natural stone. With the development of processing technologies, the area of ​​application of natural stone has expanded significantly, and now it has become an attribute not only of classic interiors.
For centuries, natural stone has been cladding walls, columns, stairs, used to create small architectural forms, paintings, and furniture. The most common are and remain granite, marble, sandstone. Today, in addition to products made of common types of stone, special attention is attracted by products made of semiprecious rocks such as agate, tiger’s eye, petrified wood, opal, malachite, and many others.
Stairs, countertops, paintings, sinks, and much more are made from semiprecious rocks, as well as from ordinary ones. With the help of new technologies – illumination, gluing, processing, various possibilities of using stone appeared, which made it possible to take a fresh look at this material. The use of special glue and tools helps to make a structure of any shape: whether it be a bar counter, a table, part of a wall, or ceiling. The addition of gold or silver sand when gluing the stone makes it unique even to a standard panel, not to mention more complex products. Their surface is capable of transmitting light, and when sunlight hits such a surface, the feeling of glass is created.
 Semiprecious stones are produced in slabs (slabs) and are used for the decoration of exclusive premises, the manufacture of stone countertops and window sills, as well as the creation of unique, author’s paintings and panels. The processing and manufacture of natural stones is a painstaking and high-tech business. These semi-precious stones come in many different colors.