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Quartz Countertop Buying Guide

By Guila Lopez

Which One Should I Choose?

Quartz is a material that has become widely known and used as a countertop material for several reasons that often, go beyond the fact it is good-looking. Of course, because there is a significant demand, several companies on the market make quartz available for their customers. Among this multitude of companies, which one should you go for?

To try to bring an answer to the above question, our main objective in this article will not be telling you which company to chose or not, but instead, to help you chose the right company for you, or should we say, to prevent you from discarding the right company for you.

But before we get to that part, we are going to talk a little about quartz, its origin, and see why it is a material to consider as an option for a kitchen countertop.

What is Quartz and Where Does It Come From?

 Quartz, first of all, is a totally man-made stone. Because it is man-made, it has been designed to overcome quite a number of shortcomings natural stones present. One of these limitations is the fact that natural stones do not offer a wide range of colors. They generally have several shades of white or dark. Quartz on the other hand is available in several different colors, and for those that are fond of the natural look of mined stones, some Quartz slabs offer these looks with strength, durability and resilience typical of Quartz.

Quartz countertop brands

Quartz countertop brands

Also, as compared to a multitude of other countertop materials, Quartz does not need to be coated and hence requires a lot less maintenance.

Which Quartz Company Should I Go To?

As we said before, several companies provide Quartz countertops to the market and of course, some already have a brand name and are known as a reference of quality. However, the price in such companies is not always the best, as it tends to be a little higher than normal.

But, there are some companies that offer the same quality at drastically lesser prices but are almost always ignored as the other companies have most of the market. It would be a complete waste of resources to purchase an item for more than two times its price just because the place you purchased it from has a brand name.

We don’t mean here that all companies do so, but we just encourage clients to seek the best deal available to them.

Note nonetheless that, the best deal is not about price only, but also the quality. That is why it is important to find a company from which you will be able to get quality quartz at an affordable price as the quality remains very important.

We will therefore conclude by saying that, you should take out time and search for the best deals. Do not let the fact that a company has no name, yet, stop you from objectively judging the services they offer. If they can provide you with a Quartz countertop of the same quality as that which you would have obtained from a better-known company and do so at a lesser price, why not? Be objective and do not let the presence or absence of a brand name prevent you from judging rightly.



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